About us

Boost your crossborder ecommerce by using
our shipping network of local heroes.

Founded in 2010, Sira Logistics is a leading provider of agile logistics solutions. Our name, Sira, stands for Service Integrator Realising Agile Logistics, which reflects our commitment to seamlessly integrating our services into our clients’ operations to deliver maximum efficiency and value.

At Sira Logistics, we pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our team of ecommerce shipping specialists work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of shippping solutions with a strong focus on crossborder shipping. With a large network of partners and a deep understanding of local markets, we are able to provide cost-effective, shipping solutions that help our clients stay competitive in today’s fast-paced ecommerce environment.

Sira Logistics is the ideal partner for us to collaborate with on our distribution and shipping solutions across several countries.