Flexible delivery options

Due to our partnerships with the local heroes in every country you can offer your customers flexible delivery options. In the checkout you can give your customers the option to choose a carrier, choose a parcelshop or choose an evening delivery. In this way you can offer your international customers all the options they are used to when shopping from local webshops and  provide them with the best shopping experience. 

Fast delivery times

Because of our unique linehaul network we can realise fast delivery times for your customers. We skip an unnecessary sorting step in the supply chain. With this we save time and can realise fast delivery times.

Low rates

The combination of our linehaul network and partnerships with the local heroes results in low shipping rates. By skipping an unnecessary sorting step in the supply chain we save on handling costs and by a direct infeed in the delivery country we can offer low shipping rates.

Easy IT integration

We collaborate with several shipping software providers so we can always find the right IT integration. For every case we can provide the right solution, ranging from integrations with e-commerce platforms, ERP, WMS or custom made software.

One-stop shop

Next to parcel distribution we also provide services like express shipments, pallet distribution, airfreight and seafreight. With our expertise we can help you with any type of logistics.