Our benefits

Traditional international shipping networks have a sorting step in the origin country. We do it differently, by directly injecting your parcels at the local hub in the destination country, we can offer several benefits for your business!

By skipping a sorting step in the origin country and directly injecting parcels at the hub of the local hero, we avoid handling and sorting processes, and thereby reduce the cost of shipping. This is because your parcels are not subject to the same international shipping rates and fees that are charged for parcels that go through traditional international shipping process. Offering local shipping rates can help you compete with local businesses and boost your crossborder ecommerce.

Avoiding handling and sorting processes in the origin country results in shorter lead times to the destination country. Additionally by working directly with a local carrier, we can take advantage of their existing infrastructure and network to provide faster and more reliable shipping services. This will improve your delivery times and reduce the risk of lost or delayed parcels.This can help you attract and retain customers, and ultimately grow your business.

By using a local hero, we can offer your customers a wider range of delivery options that may not be available with traditional international shipping networks. Many local heroes offer delivery to parcel shops or lockers, evening deliveries or weekend deliveries. By offering these additional delivery options, we can provide your customers with greater convenience and flexibility, which can help improve their overall experience with your business.

We deliver your crossborder
shipments via our end-to-end solution

1. Collect

Daily collection by
Sira Logistics linehaul

2. Inject

Direct injection in
sorting hubs of local heroes

3. Deliver

Final mile delivery
by local heroes

4. Return

Processing of returns via our
local addresses

One-stop shop

Crossborder shipping can be a complex and confusing aspect of ecommerce, that is why we have dedicated team of experts who can provide guidance and support. Our shipping specialists can help you with a range of inquiries, such as tracking of parcels, resolving delivery issues and providing information about shipping policies and procedures. They will also help you identify areas for improvement in your shipping processes and work with your operations team to improve the overall customer experience.

There are multiple ways to activate our shipping solution for your business. We can connect via one of our SaaS partners or via an API.

We understand that your business also requires other types of transportation. By offering a wide range of shipping solutions we can help you with any required type.

Shipping is a critical factor in the success of your marketplace business. By offering competitive shipping rates, fast delivery times, and a range of delivery options, you can meet the expectations of customers and drive sales on marketplaces.

With SFP, sellers who meet certain performance and operational standards can fulfill their own orders while still offering Prime shipping to customers. To be eligible for SFP, sellers must meet Amazon’s stringent performance requirements, including fast and reliable shipping and on-time delivery. By using our solution you can fulfil Prime orders and provide the fast and free shipping benefits that Prime members expect, and in this way boost your sales on Amazon.

Zalando’s approved last mile carriers are a group of carriers that have been vetted and approved by Zalando to provide last mile delivery services to their customers. These carriers have undergone a rigorous selection process, including evaluation of their operational capabilities, service quality, and customer satisfaction rates. By working with approved carriers, we can ensure that your customers receive a reliable and consistent delivery experience as well as a smooth and efficient return experience via one of our local return addresses.

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